2016 TEDxCanmore Talent Line up Announced

Written by Jennifer Stielow, August 19th, 2015 @jennstielow

Erin Dingle

Erin is a performance poet from Calgary, Canada. She came second at the Canadian Independent Poetry Slam in 2014 and was part of 5 consecutive Calgary Slam teams!
Erin has spoken at festivals and events across Canada, about issues like cancer, motherhood, mental and emotional health, and sexuality. She is a Type 1 diabetic and a breast cancer survivor.

Erin has also dropped vocals for music producers like Inabeathead and Dub Monk, and is a skilled hula hoop dancer. Her most recent chapbook is the parody parenting magazine ‘Yummy Mummy’, published through Blurb.

She runs workshops for adults and youth, exploring topics like dynamic poetry, maintaining a regular writing practice, exploring emotion with innovative language and making the most of stage time.

Erin is founding member of the Ink Spot Collective in Calgary, which runs Calgary’s offical monthly Poetry Slam. She is also a board member for Single Onion, which is the longest running reading series in Calgary, and a Member-At-Large of Spocan Canada.

Find her on Instagram as @digitaldingle, on Facebook as Erin Dingle, or at http://www.digitaldingle.com.

Amelie Patterson

Amelie Patterson is a Canadian singer/songwriter. She grew up playing guitar around the campfire in the Rockies, and searching for stories to sing about. Most recently she completed a 2 month Canadian Tour as well as sang her way across the country with VIA Rail. In 2014 Amelie completed a 6 week residency at the Banff Centre, she has been featured in Canadian Musician Magazine as well as Branded YYC, and routinely plays shows around Alberta. At an early age she was influenced by the music of Van Morrison, The Band, and Janis Joplin; but gradually found her way to a more indie inspired sound. She loves old records, good scotch, and trains. Her music is the product of everything she knows and loves in life, and she plays it whenever she can. Her debut album will be released in the Spring of 2016.

You can check out her website at ameliepattersonmusic.com

Follow her on Instagram and Twitter at @ameliepmusic

Photo by Georgie Slickerodt

Kyle Pullan

Kyle started playing piano at a young age, one of his first inspirations was the work of Yanni. By his early teens, Kyle had taken to the electric guitar and discovered heavy metal. Spending his teenage years as a lead guitarist and drummer in a number of bands, he was known for his ability to quickly learn complicated riffs and solos. When he wasn’t playing live shows, he tirelessly worked to perfect his timing and style for the most difficult of songs. At nearly 20, he bought a recorder and began to mix, loop and write long, layered and multi-instrumental music.
Fast forward to 2013 when he moved from Ontario to Canmore, Kyle discovered a new style of playing acoustic guitar. His heavy metal background didn’t suit the ambience of a mountain town, so he chose to mellow things out with live acoustic and mostly unplugged sets. By using the guitar as a percussion instrument and mixing in complicated finger-picking, Kyle began to write new songs that would better suit the energy of the Rockies. To support himself, he has put endless hours into perfecting the technical art of venetian plastering and owns a contracting company in the Bow Valley.
As an instrumental musician, Kyle leaves the singing out of his solo acts. He enjoys writing melodies to which the listener can imagine their own stories. With 20 years of experience, he will continue to evolve his style and play live shows.

Cori Brewster

Cori Brewster was born and raised in Banff and began singing with her mom and sisters on Rocky Mountain trail rides. She released `Buffalo Street’ a beautiful collection of stories inspired by the rich history of the Canadian Rockies and its people.
Continuing her commitment to the craft of songwriting and attention to detail that so effectively evokes a time, a sense of place, a character and of course a range of emotion, she will release her fifth CD, ‘Four Horses’ in the spring. The CD includes a song she wrote with Ian Tyson at his ranch in Longview.
Cori was recently honored with the Mayor’s Spotlight on the arts award. Check out her website to view a beautiful video of Cori fly fishing on the Bow, speaking about writing with Ian and the song group she started to encourage writers.
Website: www.coribrewster.com
Youtube: www.youtube.com/watch?v=iKcOjvisTVc

Julia Lynx

“Lynx is endowed with a big-league voice: strong, fresh and country-clear, with an engagingly warm fuzzy edge.” – Miles Durrie, Avenue Calgary.

Julia’s got pure honey vocals and a clear sparkling tone…she is an emerging Canadian singer songwriter based in Canmore, Alberta achieving nationwide radio play with her debut album, Wild Patience. Live, Julia puts the listener at ease with a mischievous, inviting and sensual disposition. Her listeners have compared her vocals to Carole King and Nora Jones. The mother of two mountain raised teens, Julia is a part-time birth doula who is intensely dedicated to the return of bison to Banff National Park. A lover of the land, skier and intrepid roamer, Julia walked 4,300 km over five months along the Pacific Crest Trail some decades ago and then northward on the Great Divide Trail. Heath McCroy, a long-time Canmore resident and stone mason, joins Julia on guitar at Tedx Canmore.



Alexander Vincent

Alexander Vincent, a talented Canmore resident speed artist, will be joining our upcoming 2015 Canmore TEDx event. Alexander is a creative concept artist and illustrator whose digital paintings are created using Adobe Photoshop.  Vincent began drawing at the age of seven and by the age of seventeen he had already completed several pieces of artwork for galleries and comic books. Alexanderwas discovered during one of the many workshops held in local Canmore schools for students eager to learn the art of producing comics.  After successfully creating a few gallery pieces, Alexander was given the opportunity to provide 22 illustrations for the novel adaption of “The Loxleys and the War of 1812″ published by Renegade Arts. While Alexander gained his start in the comic book world, his talents have evolved, taking his work into the gaming world. One of his current projects involves a sci-fi based game called “Project Planet Found.” Preview Alexanders current artwork and projects by visiting his online gallery at Deviant Art and through his Dino-Swar Facebook page.


LL Harrison

LL Harrison currently lives in Canmore, Alberta with the majestic peaks of the Three Sisters, Mt. Lawrence Grassi and Mt. Rundle dominating the view she enjoys from her home.

While taking Journalism and English at Carleton U, Lynne took a semester off and headed to Whistler BC to ski. She has lived out west ever since! Finding inspiration in the mountains that she loves so much, Lynne painted and sold her work in Whistler Galleries.

In 2000 Lynne moved to Canmore to be with her fiancé, Crazy Canuck Dave Irwin. In the meantime, Lynne continued to paint and sell her artwork through galleries in Calgary and Canmore. In 2006 she hosted a large solo show at the Artspace Gallery in Calgary and in Canmore in 2008 she hosted a show of portraits titled “Significant Chiefs and Spiritual Leaders of Alberta”.

Lynne has been Resident Artist numerous times at Num-ti-jah Lodge at Bow Lake.

In 2002 Lynne co-founded the Dave Irwin Foundation for Brain Injury Recovery (DIFFBIR) and over the next decade, she organized and ran the annual Dash for Cash ski fundraisers at Sunshine Village. Lynne has raised money for DIFFBIR through competing in Ironman Canada and by competing in multi-stage self-supported 250 km foot races in both the Sahara (2008) and Gobi Desert (2010).

In 2014 Lynne founded the Mental-Aid Foundation. The Mental-Aid Foundation raises money for and awareness of mental illness through innovative global arts and entertainment events.

In May 2015 Lynne went MAIN STREET Canmore with her Silver Tree Studio. Showcasing her vibrant art which can be found across North America in both private and public collections.

When she isn’t painting, Lynne runs Mountain Image Distributors, spearheads the Dave Irwin Foundation for Brain Injury Recovery, works on The Mental-Aid Foundation and skis, runs and bikes in the Canadian Rockies.

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