2016 TEDxCanmore Speaker Line UP

Jon Turk, PhD
Human Evolution

Jon Turk began his evolutionary journey by completing his Ph.D. in chemistry in 1971. Jon also wrote the-the first environmental science textbook in North America. Jon’s passion for exploration led him to remote parts of the world on extreme expeditions. Jon circumnavigated Ellesmere Island with Erik Boomer leading to a National Geographic nomination as one of the top ten adventures (2011). Jon has chronicled his spiritual journeys in four books: Cold Oceans, In The Wake of the Jomon, The Raven’s Gift, and Crocodiles and Ice (2016). Jons’ theatrical journey took him to Boston where he studied theater and dance under Dr. Jody Weber. This experience led Jon to choreograph his message into a Boston Globe “Critics Choice” award-winning modern dance titled “Synchronicity and the Sacred Space”.

Jon regularly produces a podcast series called Exploring Deep from Spaghetti On The Wall Productions. It is guaranteed to be a journey of discovery with Jon at this year’s TEDxCanmore. Discover Jon by visiting his website at www.jonturk.net or follow Jons’ adventures on Twitter @deepwilderness.

Rob Heighington

Rob is the founder of the Creative Spark-Logon for Mental Wellness, a non-profit program that links creative expression with mental health. The program launched in 2006 has connected face to face with over 3000 students in Alberta delivering a unique Mental Wellness information program utilizing creative hands-on activities, and high-energy student inspired events. Rob lives in Canmore, Alberta with his wife Ellen and their two children. Before moving to the Rocky Mountains, Rob worked his way through the IT profession to become a Fortune 500 CIO. Rob’s journey is anything but normal.  Prior to reaching the top of his profession Rob was a high school dropout. While he suffers from serious depression, he considers himself very fortunate to have a strong support network of friends, family, and excellent medical care which allows Rob to focus on his volunteer work. In support of mental health, Rob is also a watercolour artist and Second City trained in the art of Improv. On occasion, Rob, the founder of the Canmore Improv Association can be found performing Improv. He is also interested in astrophotography and storytelling through creative expression. Canmore Tedx are your ready to build dreams to believe in?

Dr. Tracy Thomson

Dr. Tracy Thomson, a proud mother of three teenage boys, has always been passionate about nature, fitness and healing. Dr. Thomson received an Honours degree in Physiology and Doctorate of Medicine from the University of Western Ontario. She went on to study family medicine at the University of Calgary, anaesthesia at UBC, and the Brain Health and Memory Maintenance certification program from the University of South Florida school of medicine.

Eventually, her true calling as a healer compelled her to pursue Traditional Chinese Medicine and found a collaborative medical clinic seven years ago, Gaia Clinic. The clinic dispenses with the traditional focus on symptom management and integrates the best of different medicines. Her current practice involves brain mapping and neuro-psych testing, using food as medicine, bio-identical hormones, functional supplements and writing integrative treatment plans for clients based on both Western and Eastern healing philosophies.

Over the last 15 years, she has included meditation and other spiritual technologies into her practice to assisting those recovering from brain injuries, mental health issues and stress.

She is currently completing her Fellowship from the American Academy of Anti-Aging, Regenerative and Functional Medicine, and has also obtained her certification as a yoga and Qi Kung instructor. She continues to study with Dr. Carlos de Leon and Parvathi Nanda Nath to understand and integrate the role of spirituality in medicine.

Terry Fox
First Nations

TEDx Canmore 2015 would like to introduce Terry Lynn Fox, a First Nations speaker from the Stoney Nation in Morley, Alberta. Terry was raised on the Stoney Reserve, speaks the Nakoda language fluently, and attends cultural events at every opportunity. Terry, her husband, and son, Thomas, moved from the Stoney Reserve to Vancouver Island to give Terry the opportunity to pursue a university education. In 1998, Terry graduated with a BA, with distinction, in First Nations studies. In 2001, she graduated from the University of Victoria with a Master’s Degree in public administration.

Terry is finishing her Ph.D. in public administration at the University of Victoria; her dissertation focuses on good First Nations governance in modern times. Terrys’ career began with the management of First Nations social and health organizations. She then evolved to the founder and manager of Eagle’s Nest Family Shelter in Morley, the Assistant Director of Stoney Social Services, and the Executive Director of Inter Tribal Health Authority in Nanaimo, B.C. She has co-authored two books with David Long and Olive Dickason; Visions of the Heart; Canadian Aboriginal Issues in 1996 and again in 2000.

As a First Nations person, she is aware that she is part of a disparaging inter-generational cycle that is referred to as the legacy of colonization. Terry has worked very hard, with intention, to break free of this cycle. Terry believes that First Nations people are highly intelligent and fully capable of taking charge of their affairs. She wholeheartedly believes in the capability of First Nations to govern their affairs and chose to study public administration to support the management and leadership capacity of First Nations. Upon the completion of her doctorate, she hopes to become involved in a designation program that integrates her research findings. By sharing successful First Nations governance more widely, a healthier and more prosperous tomorrow is possible.

Earth Water
Enviro Consciousness

TEDxCanmore 2015 is excited to present two environmentally conscious entrepreneurs who provide food, water, and education for children around the world. In 2005, the co-founders of Earth Water, Kori Chillibeck and Matt Moreau started Earth Water in Kori’s campus apartment with a cell phone, a laptop, and money raised from family and friends. Today, The Earth Group provides life-saving essentials to hundreds of thousands of children living in the most desperate of situations. Matts’ continual involvement includes current projects and the expansion of Earth Water into the United States & Europe. Recently he has been involved in the launch of Earth Group’s new products. Together, Kori & Matt manage day to day operations of the company, liaise with the United Nations and their staff globally, as well as grow sales and support for the mission. Discover the amazing work completed by The Earth Group at www.earthgroup.org.

Dr. Hugh Notman
Biological Anthropology

Dr. Notman is a biological anthropologist with a specialization in Primatology. He was born on the island of Bermuda, where he spent his childhood sifting through tide-pools and fishing hooks. For a short period of time, Dr. Notman forgot about his interest in the natural world and went onto Queens University to study History. After rediscovering his true passion, he went on to the University of Oxford in the UK to do a MSc in Biological Anthropology.  While there he made his first foray into the African jungle (Uganda) to study communication in chimpanzees. He continued this vein of research during while completing his PhD at the University of Calgary (Department of Anthropology) by spending 14 months in Uganda trying to figure out what chimpanzees talk about with each other. Dr. Notman never did figure it out.  Currently Dr. Notman serves as an associate professor in biological anthropology at Athabasca University, where he teaches courses in human evolution, primate behaviour and primate cognition. He continues his research with a research program in Belize, where he studies spider and howler monkeys and teaches field courses there every year. He also has research interests in South Africa, studying communication in vervet monkeys. Dr. Notmans’ current research can be found on his website: Anthropology Program at Athabasca University.  Canmore TedX is looking forward to Dr. Notmans’ presentation centering on unnatural selection.

Jessica Puurunen

TEDxCanmore is excited to introduce Jessica Puurunen as one of this year’s speakers. Jessica is a mother, biology/special education teacher, technology enthusiast, semi-pro (recreational) mountain biker, idealist, and self-described biology nerd. She has studied at Queen’s University, the University of Victoria, and the University of Calgary – and will be a new student at the University of New Brunswick this September.  Jessica is originally from Aurora, Ontario. Jessica has called Canmore, Alberta home for nine years.  Her passion is in educating exceptional children, and expanding the boundaries and of the typical classroom learning setting.

Linh Huynh

TEDxCanmore is excited to discover the adventures of Linh Huynh the luck pusher. Her ambitious journey began when her family arrived in Canada in 1980 as part of the mass exodus of boat people fleeing Vietnam. Linh’s journey to Canada inspired her to become an English as a Second Language instructor to new immigrants. Her journey to Canada as a child and her travels throughout the world as an adult have shaped her views of the world and helped craft a life of daring and wonder.

In the past few years, Linh has been on an impressive journey to represent Canada in some of the world’s most extreme races. It started in 2011 when she won a writing contest through CBC, who then sponsored her to compete in the Antarctic Ice Marathon. She was a contributing writer to the CBC’s Live Right Now website for months leading up to the event. In 2013, she completed the North Pole Marathon and became the first Canadian woman to finish a marathon at both poles. She then turned her focus to the Four Deserts, a series of 250 km self-supported, seven-day races through the hottest, driest and windiest deserts on earth. In November 2014, she became the 1st Canadian woman to complete the Four Deserts series and by doing so in one calendar year became the 8th woman in history to complete it as a Grand Slam.

Teresa de Grosbois

Teresa de Grosbois is an International speaker and 4-time international best-selling author. Her latest bestseller Mass Influence – the habits of the highly influential, hit bestseller in pre-sales a month before it was scheduled to hit the bookstands. She has been featured on television, radio and print media across the globe. She is passionate about teaching others to play bigger and to generate wealth by creating more powerful relationships with others, both locally and internationally. Teresa is an expert on growing influence and generating positive word of mouth. Teresa teaches you how create positive change by building a relationship with and gain endorsement from influential people, and even become influential yourself. Discover Teresa’s energy and passion for teaching the principles of influence and success at the upcoming Canmore TedX.

Marci Segal

Marci Segal, MS, founder of World Creativity and Innovation Week April 15-21 frees people thinking so they can create new futures. She has travelled the world as a creativity expert for over 30 years, working with senior teams, inspiring audiences, and engaging leaders in conversations that demystify creativity and bring it into everyone’s reach. Marci is Canada’s first Master is Science graduate in Creativity and Change Leadership from the International Center for Studies in Creativity at Buffalo State College, an author of three books and, loves living in Canmore.

Find Marci on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

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